Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finally Complete: Gemini Squadron

I have been working on the second Ulthwe Revenant in this unit off and on for just over a year now, but it's finally done and at some point I hope to field them in a Gemini Squadron. first off, the pair together:

Next I have a side shot of the new Revenant:

Next a close up of the new one and its base:

Lastly I've got the original Revenant in close up and its base.  It was purchased right when it was released and I will always be fond of it because it was the first really large model I had worked on:

Monday, November 16, 2015

Refreshing a unit: Banshee edition

I originally painted this squad circa 2003, and was very happy with it. In fact, they were the first unit I added flair to on their bases.

The unit had an ethereal colour scheme, and had the unique variation I wanted, but in the time sense I've noticed how out-of-date the highlighting looked compared to the hard edge work I use now. In addition I have been bringing my units into more traditional schemes and I wanted to Bring the Banshees up to snuff.

Here they are all together:

And here is the Exarch, with a better view of her banner, the Tree of Life on a field of blood, a dark omen from which the unit takes it's name - Baleful Vision

Lastly is a model I did some time ago, their Phoenix Lord - Jain Zar:

With the adjusted rules in the 7th edition book I'm really excited to get them on the tabletop and see if they work as well there as they do in my imagination (especially as part of a craftworld Warhost... With a 12" fleet and minimum charge of 5")!