Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekend Project

A few things underway here.

Revamping my second guardian defender squad to update bases, painting, and have a full 20 models. 

Then I received a care package from the states and inside were two Ulthwe farseers I converted to witch blade farseers (I can't always come up with 5 points for the spear and really wish both options were on that model).

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Video Battle Report: Ulthwe Vs 7th Ed Orks

In this report I take on the new Orks.  At my opponent's request he doesn't appear on screen, and the final discussion, which had been an odd back and forth with him behind the camera was a corrupted file so I had to re-shoot the after match thoughts and tried to make it a little interesting for viewing.

I've been making a concerted effort to add in more close-ups for the reports so let me know if you guys like them and I'll make sure to keep it up and maybe try get more in game.

Units of Note for this game:
2 Gorkanauts
CC Wraithknight

Thoughts on the game **Spoilers**

This was my first time against the new Orks and I think they'll help shake up the scene a bit and make people consider assault at the list building stage.  They are pretty reliable once they get to assault and giant mobs lead by characters tend to stay on the field rather than run away.  The new Mob Rule meant a wave of Orks just kept coming at me and he only suffered 4 casualties from the rule the entire game, yet refused to run from combat and never got run down.

We both got a 1 on the Strategic Warlord table.  It was my first time using that table and I found it incredibly powerful.  At first I had thought Stealth (Ruins) was just for the Warlord and unit, but when I learned it was army wide I was shocked.

I have faced invisibility before, on terminators, and thanks to some blast scattering it really made no impression on me.  It was kind of meh.  This was my first time using Invisibility and I cast it on a Wraithknight tooled up for Close Combat, which is truly a nightmare scenario.  Meganobz should sort of shrug indifferently as they quickly beat a wraithknight to death, but that power allowed me to pretty much dominate the center of the board.

While the Lynx wasn't super impressive because it lacks durability, I made a sacrifice play with it, essentially daring him to move to take it on, but put himself out of position.  I also think using it to punish the Lootaz was the right choice because I've faced them before and know they're pretty point-and-kill for my tanks, able to easily HP them to death.  It may not have directly made up its points, but once it went down I was able to aim my whole army at his Warlord and friends and take them down, which denied him the chance to call a Waaagh!

The Gorkanauts will take some getting used to, and the two I faced did not have KFFs, so that may have added to their demise.  Both were killed with lucky dice.  the first when the WK caused two pens in CC and rolled a 6 on one.  The other when I had exhausted nearly all my army's guns, but could not damage the surviving Gorkanaut until my guardian squad fired off its lances, hit once, penned and then rolled a 6 on the chart.  The only reason I shot at it was because the nobz were out of range.  The explosion managed to kill off 10 boyz.

I think Orks need a couple of transports in their lists.  My opponent had none and it meant not only that he had to hit my line in waves, but also that once he had pushed forward his objective was all but abandoned.  If I'd remembered to move my Warp Spiders in turn 3 I would have turned the last remnants of the squad to pink mist, but that mental lapse just slowed down their demise in a game that was quickly being decided.

All in all it was a very fun game and I hope to see more Greenskins hitting the table because of the unique emphasis on assault they bring to the game.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weekend Terrain Project

I've completed a major yep in my effort to  have my board ready for action. I picked up an 11" mdf wooden "placemat" to revamp the Miniature Scenery elven way gate to more appropriately fill in as a Skyshield Landing Pad.

Because the wider disc looked a little bland I added and painted some sand for texture.

I'm quite pleased with the overall look. The larger spacing between the leg pieces left me with extras and I used an mdf coaster to get an extra piece of terrain out of it:

And I finally finished the Eldar Aegis line I had gotten some time back from Micro Art Studio:

I think I still need another couple pieces, but it's progressing nicely.