Friday, August 25, 2017

Video Battle Report: Ulthwe vs UItramarines

This week I got a chance to play my largest 8th edition game at 3000 pts.  It was a narrative game being played in the Psychic Maelstrom battlezone from the main rulebook.  It was an absolute blast.  Things I have come to understand is that while the Warlock Conclave is an absolute garbage unit, two Supreme Command detachments to replace it aren't an awful idea.  It makes the job of replacing the current ruleset for that unit a much tougher job.  On a lighter note, D-cannons were not bad.  I'd say they are perhaps a little overpriced, but not that much.  I was happy enough with them to use them again.

For this report I've worked to test out some new techniques.  I think people will mostly appreciate the improved audio, and the stop motion turns will be a feature I think I'll continue to use, but with quicker intervals than I was using.  I hope everyone likes the improvements I've tried to build and edit in and I hope to keep getting better at it.