Sunday, September 6, 2015

Video Battle Report Craftworld Warhost vs Double Demi-Company

It's been some time since I've had a chance to post one of these, but this past week I finally got a chance to go up against one of my regular opponents.  It was my first time facing off against a Demi-Company, boasting a gaggle of free transports, backed up by the librarian and flyer formations.

In all it was a very interesting game and I look forward to facing the force again with a different list.

My overall thoughts on my formations:

This was the first game where I'd used a seer council, but it didn't completely take over the game.  Perhaps it was a good lesson, encouraging me to move to other builds again, despite the fluffiness of the unit.

The Crimson Death was also rather meh, but that 4+ rerollable was incredibly necessary for survival when they had to absorb a counterstrike.

This was the least productive the Death Jester has been for me.  I had such high hopes based on prior experiences that it was probably a reminder that I needed to learn that he's not always going to leave a mark on the game.

I forgot, until halfway through the game, about unmatched agility, and along with a few other mental lapses (like forgetting to cast Jinx) it certainly made me vulnerable in ways I maybe should not have been.  That said I did manage to remember that Exarchs have two wounds now.

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