Thursday, January 28, 2016

Doomshroud Skathach Complete

It's been more than a month of me working off and on, but I finally got the Skathach done.  I wanted it to have a bit of a different pose than the others in that I wanted it to look like it was jumping in and out of reality and pointing both barrels at its unfortunate target.  I have a large game coming up in early February and used it as motivation to get this project done.  I went for the Doomshroud Skathach because I'm a fan of monofilament weaponry and it feels esoteric and Eldar.  While I have no doubts the heat lances will be effective they seem boring by comparison.  I may pick them up in the future, but it's a far down the line thing.  If it's not clear in the photo the shoulder weapons are magnetized.

I am super excited to see it in action... and to see if it earns a name.


  1. I think you will be very happy with your selection. However, I think your army will still need a long range threat. This is where the Warp Hunters really shine. The Wraithknight will take care of light infantry and really excels being near the center of the table. I've not run a dual Deathshroud (we have a local rule that Gargantuan Creatures need to be 25% obscured to gain a cover save), but can imagine just how good this will be. With Shred, I generally wound with every hit the Deathshroud gets; double the wound count and I can imagine just how good this thing can be. I converted mine, but it's been so good, I'm very likely to order one in the very near futre.

    1. With the big game coming up in a couple weeks I hope the Skathach gets a good workout and doesn't die quickly to Tau's unmatched long range potency.

      I like the rule about gargantuan creatures, though finding terrain that actually runs that tall can often be difficult in the local area, but with the increase of Knights that's starting to change.

      The list I'm taking does have a Warp Hunter as its primary long range threat, outside of a scattering of Bright Lances. Really my strongest playstyle tends to be close range firepower, so my main hope is to get in close quickly and lay waste to prime targets and hoping to survive the board crossing.

  2. I'm ok with the rule, but it did change how I equip a Wraithknight; I always use a Scatterfield as there are several occasions I do not have 25% obscurement. If I could 'toe in cover', I'd run dual Deathshrouds as a defacto standard.