Friday, May 26, 2017

Reinforcing My Ynnari

I've finished some long term projects.  The first is my second Hemlock, painted roughly 4 years after painting the first, and I've had it for over 6 months so it's about time I got to it.  I'm happy with how similar they look.  I'm hoping they are good in the new edition because I love the concept behind them.

Otherwise I've finally finished off the Incubi squad I started in 2012.  They are lead by Drazhar (whom I converted to look like the 5th edition codex artwork).  There is also a Klaivex with Banner (Crimson Moon Temple).  I love the aesthetics of the unit and really hope they're fierce in 8th.  To be honest I always had a bit of a sad run with this unit (they had three painted Incubi and I'd run them in a Venom with Drazhar and an Archon.  That unit never made it into combat.  They always died an ignominious death well before getting in to combat.  However, with Strength from Death in the Ynnari rule set I had the chance to run them even without Drazhar and they royally kicked ass.  The extra speed and out of sequence assaults made them an impressive threat.  I had so much fun using that particular unit it inspired me to actually get around to painting the whole unit.  With that in mind, I will need to get a raider if I ever intend to get them all in one transport at the same time.  So many units waiting to get painted.  I wish I was quicker at it.

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