Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Asuryani Damage Tracker Cards

With the new edition coming out and more details available I started to think about the battles I normally play... which are on the larger side.  Since I rarely get to play I enjoy spending a whole day playing a truly massive game.  That said the ubiquitous 3 hull point standard is gone, and has been replaced with a standardised wound mechanic and a slew of wounds for each vehicle.  In some ways this isn't too much of an issue, but for some units this means deterioration as they continue to get wounded.  So I thought about tables crowded with models and dice getting mixed up and figured cards might be useful for people... then I thought what if the cards could be adapted for any individual model?  So I came up with these:

For these cards I used generic terms that fit the damage scale for those types of units.  The set pictured above have my models in them (for my use, but also as stand in guides), but with the downloadable file below I've set it up so you can put pictures of your own models in their place!  Just mouse over the picture, click on it, and it asks you to choose the picture you want.  It will pop any image into the frame, but to fill the frame exactly I've included the necessary image dimensions on the pdf page (and paper size).

In addition there's a generic psyker card for people that run a lot of psykers.  you can pop in an image of your psyker and then check off the box for the game you're playing.  

These cards are made to be the same size as M:TG cards, so they should fit an a standard plastic sleeve, which can allow the cards to be reused as you track your wounds by filling in the box with a dry-erase marker.  You can download the cards here: Cards

P.S. As I continue to work on gaming aids for the community, in lieu of any donations from people feeling generous I instead request checking out my books at  The digital editions are available at the retailer minimum, so they're about $1 each (US).

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