Friday, September 15, 2017

Community Rules for Aeldari Super Heavy Units

After a lot of number crunching and some playtesting I've finished a revamped Index for the Super Heavy units for Aeldari.  This is mostly an extension of my personal Codex Ulthwe passion project, which is why all the models pictured are mine, and much of the fluff description is Ulthwe-centric.

These rules are intended for open play.

Revised damage charts (with a more game appropriate scaling)
Revised weapon profiles
Revised Distort field
Revised point values
Revised Power points
Revised Keywords (Revenant and Phantom no longer insanely vulnerable to poison)
Updated (appropriate) Abilities for the Revenant and Phantom
Missing weapons included
Vampire Hunter/Raider combined
Void Spinner included
Storm Serpent included

Sample Page:

I hope everyone enjoys this, and comments are welcome.

*Update -

Added Colossal Flyer rule back to Vampire and updated data sheet wording to read power instead of points.

The PDF can be downloaded: HERE

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