Monday, November 27, 2017

Flying Mote: Complete

back when I was working on my Vampire I had a lot of spare Acrylic rod, so I thought about how I could finally complete a Flying Mote I had dreamed of adding to my Aeldari table as terrain for some time. I started working on the Mote over a year ago and put it aside. There were moments I almost abandoned it because I worried I wasn't going to do it right, but now I convinced myself to work on it and I'm very happy with the results!

The starting place:

From the top down there's a craft "coaster", a large styrofoam cone with three small foam cones attached with toothpicks, pva, and wall patching putty. I drilled through the large cone to fit large clear acrylic rod. At the bottom of the base I glued two thick foam discs together and drilled through the centre to fit the rod. I used putty to strengthen the fit of the rod and hold it steady. Once dried I glued that to a Dinner Plate sized craft coaster. I then chipped away at the foam to get it most of the way to the shape I wanted, carved some lines in the cones like areas eroded from rain, and then lathered it all with PVA glue. Once dried I was able to spray primer it without it eating the foam. After that it's all about painting it to taste, and adding some of my basing kit stuff to taste. I looked up images of "flying motes" to get some visual inspiration for the painting. Here's the final product:

I was incredibly happy with this piece, and I think it should be fun to have a piece of terrain that realistically only Fly units can get up to it during a game (or a unit like Reivers with their grappling hooks). 

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