Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eldar Bastion

With Games Workshop focusing solely on Imperial Terrain it falls to independent modelers to create Xenos terrain, or to convert it up ourselves... or both at the same time.  Recently I completed work on a Bastion themed for Eldar.

Quite a while ago I had been frustrated by always battling on Imperial worlds and I had sought to adapt my board to an Eldar Maiden World.  I had completed that task, but then I moved across the world leaving my board and terrain behind.  Now comes the slow board building process again, so that once again I can protect a maiden world, and avoid always gaming on a bleak Imperial Colony.  Maybe this time I can convince myself to go all out with some of the ideas I've been fostering for a while.

Using a kit from Miniature Scenery I was able add on some left over bits and conversion parts to make something that was both fitting for the rules and suitable as a comparative model.

While the top section can only hold about 7 or 8 models a large squad can spread along the outer steps, though this would make it easier for opponents to assault the unit.

That's a Wraithknight for size comparison purposes, though that model is tall enough to play King Kong and just reach out to pull models off the top.

The entrance is made from a spare hatch to a Falcon.  The troop compartment is made from an old bottle that I cut up and is actually larger than the rear of a Wave Serpent, so, like the serpent it has a 12 model capacity, compared to the standard 10 for bastions, but doesn't have any Fire Points.  It seemed like a fair exchange.

Rather than Heavy Bolters to all four sides, it has thematically appropriate Starcannons, 2 facing the front and 2 the rear.

Hope that inspires people to work out their own take on Xenos Terrain.

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