Friday, February 21, 2014

The Old Ways

As I'm working to improve my overall force I've been looking at doing some work on my Guardians.  Ulthwe is known for the fierceness of their black guardians.  I use them in nearly every game and I painted them just over a decade ago.  Most notably the models, redone shortly after the 3rd edition codex was released, are still nice but are very static.  For such a mobile force and with the Dark Eldar units providing additional inspiration, I think the squad can be tweaked to look more active.

I've just been hired to start a new job, and in celebration I picked up a box of Guardians.  I'm going to expand a unit to full size so that I can try out the dual heavy weapon platform option, and before messing around with any of the painted models I'll work on these new Guardians, all of whom will be in some converted pose, and then I can work on one model at a time and throw in conversions where I feel necessary while the unit is at least maintaining Tabletop Quality.

The base is a simple bit of work to continue my plan of having some wraith stone on every base, and provides a slight angle for the model.  I wanted the grenade throw pose to act as a visual reminder to me that the unit has Plasma Grenades and whenever appropriate I should be using them.

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