Tuesday, March 18, 2014

40k Skirmish

I've seen a lot of people get in to Kill Team and claim that the game is the Skirmish version of 40k. While I see it as a squad based game I think standard 40k rules have taken pains to bring the game back towards second edition, an edition that was designed for smaller games, but ultimately was played at larger point values and eventually inspired the far streamlined third edition.

Since those days the game has slightly swung back. I find that now the game is a nice medium between detailed rules and streamlined play. In larger games I'm much more likely to forget something such as the mysterious effects of terrain or an objective. In smaller games I'm much more likely to remember to throw grenades or make my hammer of wrath attacks.

Even GW is putting together new army starter boxes that are a small legal army in a box. Have we, as a gaming community been given so much freedom of choice I'm 40k that we've become blin to what they've been trying to signal for months?

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