Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Few Good Eldar

With the Ulthwe Guardian Revision Project in full swing I've got some done, both a touch up:

And a new model:

Also a side by side of a revised Guardian and a current one:

The biggest change, of course, is the base. But when I kept the models shiney with 'ardcoat I liked the ceramic look of the gun. Now that I've converted to dullcote I think it kills the shading of the ink and I've added in the hard line highlights I use in my force to give the guns pop again. I've also worked to soften the highlight and pick out points so they'll really draw the eye. Lastly I've added the bone color to the pauldrons to help accentuate the triangular design of the Eldar torso and to more easily identify the unit on the tabletop. When I get to reworking the other squad they'll have different armor plates emphasized.

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