Sunday, May 18, 2014


I managed to complete another re-vamped flyer base today:

And I've made real progress in my second avenger squad, getting all the blue work done and then completing a basic Dire Avenger:

Projects are progressing all over the place and I'm over half way through the Valedor novel and it's quite good.

I'm anxious, but hopeful about 7th. With my heavy leanings towards psykers I'm excited to see what they can do on the table top, and if my fears about scaling are well warranted or not. I hope rumors that it will be possible to cast some powers on a 3+ Per warp charge rather than 4+ are true, as it may otherwise be very difficult to cast.

I the other thing that stuck in my head was that the hemlock could get free access to psychic shriek as the Primaris, which could be a substantial buff to that unit's anti infantry firepower.

All in all It's going to be a tough week waiting for the subtle game changes that when amassed have a huge difference in the way we play. Things like overkill in challenges will be a mixed blessing, and the same goes for the change to snapfire. Can't wait to try it all out, especially those mission cards.

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