Saturday, August 16, 2014

Second Wraithknight Completed

With the growing acceptance of larger models, most specifically the imperial knight, I find myself less worried about running a second Wraithknight occasionally.

I've got the second game (opening chapter) of the Myrddin campaign filmed, but I haven't edited it, and I'm thinking the games could lead me in a direction that has me hold off one one of the knights, as it could be a plot point to introduce it. In the mean time here are the pics:

As an added project, people that read this blog regularly will know I have been revamping bases in my army an occasionally I've been moving some really significantly unorthodox aspect shrines closer to their more common color brackets at the same time. I've just started to do this with Warp Spiders:

The process is in its early stages, but I'm hopeful I can get them done within 2 weeks.

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