Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Video Battle Report 1500 Eldar Vs Ultramarines

I'm trying a small experiment about, essentially to see if I can create a narrative from mostly random opponents.  To kick it off I've set up for a scouting force at 1500 pts to act as a prologue to the story.  I crafted a scouting force and my opponent opted to play along and designed an armored column.

If you like the additional close-ups I've been trying to splice in and other changes I've made please comment.  I think it would surprise most people to find out that even now the level of editing involved to improve sound and add in cut-a-way shots it actually takes more time to edit and finalize the video than it does to play the game.


Aaravynn pressed dirt between his finger and thumb.  Once a verdant and beautiful maiden world, Myrddin's rich soil had been processed and compacted to the point that it was little more than ruddy clay.  Given time they would simply pave it over.

"Filthy-" before he could finish his slur the audio unit in his ear barked into life.  The War Walkers, maneuverable and responsive as they were, given their size, made excellent reconnaissance vehicles, but were far from stealthy.  A small group of initiate space marines had been patrolling the flanks of the noisy tank column and, through dumb luck, had stumbled upon the walkers and alerted their well trained battle brothers to the Eldar presence.

He quickly called in reinforcements as a squad of marines armed with heavy ballistic arms took up a defensive position with a vantage almost as good as his.  The short, loud bursts of jump packs filled the air as a unit of assault marines, laden with decorations, took a forward position.  One of them, clearly the officer in charge, started to direct the trundling tanks to take up forward positions and take the fight to the enemy.

Retreat was no longer viable.  If they tried to melt away into safety then the marines would run them down before they could find sanctuary.  They had to hold the line long enough to make the marines withdraw in order to regroup and reinforce.

Then Aaravynn could order they retreat like shadows from the dawn.

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