Saturday, September 6, 2014

40K Scale Storm Serpent

This project has been in progress for a while.  For people that weren't following my old plog on Warseer, this has been a project in the works for a little over a year.  When I ordered the Cobra there was an issue.  It arrived badly chipped and FW responded remarkably by sending a replacement hull. This left me with a spare Cobra hull that I started to convert to a Storm Serpent.  However, I was never happy with my plasticard work, and the project was shelved until I finally decided to get the parts I needed by buying a Scorpion kit and mixing the two to complete the conversion.  I've also tried something new by painting the cockpit.  This was actually because the canopy has to be glued on and filmed up the inside and looked horrible.  I'm sort of ok with it, but now I have to consider if this is something I want to run with or not.  If only GW still sold the canopies separately I'd get a handful of them to swap out old cracked canopies and such.  Below there are photos of the completed conversion and rules for using it in game.

Storm Serpent          475 Pts

Super-Heavy vehicle (Fast, Skimmer, Transport)

Pulse Laser (See Codex Eldar)
Shuriken Cannon (See Codex Eldar)

Transport Capacity
Up to six units with the infantry, jetbike, skimmer (that is not also a tank), or walker unit type may be embarked upon the Storm Serpent at the start of the game.  No units may embark upon the Storm Serpent once the game has started.

Special Rules
Eldar Titan Holo-fields (See Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse)
Wraithgate: Each turn up to 3 embarked units may disembark from any point along the front or sides of the Storm Serpent's hull.  If the Storm Serpent is destroyed the embarked units suffer no negative effects and are instead immediately placed into ongoing reserve.

The Storm Serpent may replace its turret mounted Shuriken Cannon with a:
Scatter laser ...................10 pts
Eldar missile launcher ...15 pts
Starcannon .....................20 pts
Bright lance ...................30 pts

The Storm Serpent may take the following upgrades:
Vectored engines............40 pts
Star engines....................30 pts

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