Monday, September 8, 2014

Video Battle Report 2000 pts Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines

I'm continuing my Myrddin Campaign experiment to create a narrative string that runs through random opponents.  My idea behind the current list is that it's thematically a strike force of Autarchs leading aspect warriors.  This is at the initial stages of the war, before any Eldar forces have been marshaled to hold ground or make up for the lack of bodies the Eldar generally bring to battle.  It's essentially the special forces leading the way.


Eskalia prepared the Dire Avengers under her command for their work.  They would strike the flank of the Space Marines and retreat, leading them in to combat with the true enemy.

"This will not be a prolonged engagement.  Strike, retreat, and leave a trail for them to follow.  The forces of Chaos are masking their presence from their unsullied brethren, and we must correct this."

Before she could complete her orders she could feel the disturbance of a warp tear nearby.  Her brother Elthelio had appeared, accompanied by Khaine's Wrath, the Warp Spider shrine to which he had once been a member.

"I do wish you would stop risking your soul in such a manner," she said.

"Neither of us have time for your reprimands," he responded.  "Things are worse than we feared.  We do not have the luxury of re-directing the mon-keigh.  They would be slaughtered against this foe and the fears of our seers would come to pass.  They are not ready," he said.  He was her twin, yet they were so dissimilar, two ends of a spectrum.

"Our plan is flawless.  What madness could cause us to deviate?" she asked brusquely.

His words echoed in her head, "Daemon machines already walk this world."

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