Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Stand - an apocalypse scenario

Well, it's been just over a month since I published something, and that's mostly been because of the holidays, but I also spent a few weeks in Hong Kong.  I've been working on editing a battle report from November, an Apocalypse game I played, but it takes a while.  For anyone that's watched one of my reports, I try to do quite a bit of editing.

As a pre-amble to the completion and eventual release of that video I figured I'd share the scenario that we played.  As a caveat, this scenario was built and agreed to by both my opponent and me.  I used a scenario from Valedor as the foundation for this scenario.  In the Valedor scenario the Eldar go First with no chance to seize.  I also crafted fluff to build this game in to the Myrddin Campaign and it had an effect on the army design.

The Stand

Myrddin is in ruins as the Imperium has become embroiled in a war that rages across the whole of the planet.  The destruction wrought by the forces of chaos, and no available assistance from the Ordo Malleus have forced the hand of humanity to reach out to the Tau Empire for reinforcements.  As a powerful Space Marine Librarium in a nearby strike cruiser scours the ephemeral aura of the planet to divine the location of massive warp incursions they direct a combined force of Imperial Guard and tau in a pincer attack towards a powerful pulse of psychic energy.  Little do they know it is not a nest of daemons they approach, but an Eldar warhost, freshly entered from the webway and empowered with the psychic might of nearly the entire Farseer Council of Ulthwe.

Deployment: The allied forces must set up within 18" of either short edges.  The Eldar player must set up within 12" of the (short) center line of the table.  Infiltrate and scout rules are not used in this scenario.  Allied forces entering from reserve enter from either short edges, decided as if they were outflanking.  Eldar forces entering from reserve enter from either long table edges decided as if they were outflanking.  Units that fall back do so towards the nearest appropriate table edge (short - allies, long - Eldar).

First Turn: Allied forces get the first turn, however Eldar units count as having moved in the prior turn.

Game Length: Random Game Length

Victory Conditions: If the allied forces hold the gate they win.  Otherwise six objectives will be placed as normal and strategic victory points will determine victory.

Advance EMP: At the start of any Eldar Movement Phase after the first turn any Eldar Skimmer or Flyer that is within 12" of an allied force MC with the Jet Pack rule or flyer vehicle type must take a dangerous terrain test.

Masters of Divination: On the first turn of the game the eldar player may cast blessings during the opponent's psychic phase.  These blessings expire at the start of the Eldar player's turn as per usual.

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