Sunday, December 14, 2014

40k Scale Void Spinner.

I finally finished it.  I'd been working on it off and on for a few months, mixed with some other projects, but now she's finally done.  The void Spinner.  I'd been inspired to try and track down an old Forgeworld Night Spinner kit and convert one of these for over a year, but it wasn't until a couple months ago that  I saw the parts come up on ebay and snatched them up as quickly as I could.

Below I have pictures of the finished conversion next to my other painted Vaul's engines, and next to its smaller cousin the Night Spinner.  The flash blows out the layering in the yellow on the void spinner array, but it looks quite nice in person.  once I get a basic Scorpion done and dusted I'll have the entire quartet of Vaul's engines.

Below are the rules I developed with my friend Saunders, a constant opponent, for the Void Spinner.  I really liked the description in the epic rules about the Void Spinner being another weapon that the Eldar consider somewhat horrific to bring to battle because it mixes their terraforming technology with their most gruesome form of weaponry.

Void Spinner 700 pts
Super heavy fast skimmer tank
Hp 9

Shuriken cannon and upgrades, see scorpion.

Void Spinner Array
Range 60" str 8/7/6 ap 3/5/- primary Weapon, apocalyptic mega blast, barrage, ignore cover, pinning, monofilament, abomination.

Abomination: The bacteria and wraithbone parasites, normally used for terraforming, unleashed in the monofilament salvoes are horrifying to behold as they reduce, metal, stone, flesh, and bone to organic compost. Pinning tests caused by wounds from this weapon are taken at -3 ld.

I'm also reprinting the Storm Serpent rules from a prior post, for those who missed it, since it's visible in the top picture.

Storm Serpent 475 pts
Super heavy fast skimmer tank transport*
HP 9

Pulse laser
Shuriken cannon and upgrades, see scorpion.

Up to 6 units with the infantry, Jetbike, fast skimmer, or walker unit type may be embarked upon the Storm Serpent at the start of the game. No units may embark upon the transport once the game has started.

Wraithgate: each turn up to 3 units embarked upon the Storm Serpent may disembark from any point along the front or sides of the Storm Serpent's hull. If the Storm Serpent is destroyed the embarked units suffer no negative effects and are instead immediately placed into ongoing reserve.

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