Sunday, August 23, 2015

Asurmen: a Review

Gav Thope's newest venture in to Eldar Fluff is Asurmen, recently released through Black Library.

It kicks off the new Phoenix Lord series and focuses on Asurmen, the first Phoenix Lord.

This book is instantly a must-read for fans of the Eldar background. In the way that the Path trilogy provided a new perspective on life on a craftworld and the aftermath of the fall, Asurmen provides us with a first hand account of the fall itself.

In addition we gain a glimpse of Exarchs from an outsider, and a far more intimate view of how the average Eldar react to legendary figures, and how those figures interact with one another.

The book follows two storylines split between the Fall of the Eldar & rise of Asurmen, and the political dissonance and animosity between two "modern" craftworlds.

The action sequences are engaging for anyone familiar with the look of the units (there isn't a lot of time wasted describing units we are expected to be familiar with). There are a number of twists that Gav has built in, an he takes time to support some of the more modern unit fluff descriptions, such as Striking Scorpion aspect warriors psychically projecting a shadow that makes them more difficult to see.

I highly recommend people interested in one of the long running benchmark moments in 40k, the fall, read this book.

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