Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Squad

I feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend, but I don't know that I have. That said, I finished what I Intend to be a fully mobile squad, Spring Thaw, for my Ulthwe Guardian Host.

This allowed me to get more than half way through completing my revamped wraithguard squad, two units I'd been working on for some time. I hope to sweep through a couple projects over the next few weeks and give myself some fresh new options for lists.

In related news I finally acquired a new video camera for recording battle reports. I'm still running lots of tests with it, but I'm hopeful it will improve the overall quality substantially.

Early news has hit from the 2nd edition of Doom of Mymeara and I'm extremely excited about the new Wraithknight Variant with two Deathshrouds.  Other than the really great look of the model the load out on it will likely be devastating.

I've also been tweaking the Void Spinner and Storm Serpent rules to work a bit more appropriately within the revisions of the new book.  Now I'll have to make some more minor changes just to keep it all in line, but I'm looking forward to releasing those shortly.

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