Monday, October 26, 2015

Video Battle Report: Ulthwe Wraith Host vs Tau Empire with Storm Surge 1500 pts

I finally got a new camera.  I think people will be pleased with the quality of the most of the shots, but I'm still learning and testing with it.  It's always slightly tougher trying to film in the shop because the regular din of other people there creates an ambient, undulating background noise and can limit where I can physically place the camera.

So far I'm happy with the resolution of the images and how they capture a more realistic look of the paint jobs, but it also makes silhouetting from backlight even more of an issue along with glare.  It will probably take me a little while to adjust to all the little nuances in operating the camera, so please bare with me as I seek to improve the videos.  At some point I'm sure I'll push to have a better sound capture as well, but the cost is substantial so I need to take it in steps.

As to the game... The Storm Surge is a complete monster in a smaller game.  I feel like the stabilizer rule is designed to keep the Storm Surge from landing complete and total first turn domination in smaller games.  People can say what they want about lack of playtesting, but that is a clear indicator to me that they made strides to account for smaller games vs larger ones.

It's been a while since I'd played against a full Tau army, so I felt, once again, surprised by the firepower they brought to bare, especially since I had a no man's land to cross to get to grips with the enemy.  The Wraith Host is great, but it's so fragile, especially against Tau who can reliably ignore cover, wound more regularly, and often ignore saves all together.  My force was designed to be resilient, but the Tau list was a great counter to mine, often making the high toughness worth less than against other forces.

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