Thursday, October 22, 2015

Project Wraithguard: Another Task Done

Well, after nearly a year I finally have a game scheduled that (with the additional shame of not having finished them) inspired me to finish the revamp of my old Ulthwe wraithguard as I blend the metal models with the plastic. First up is the d scythe squad. At just 5 members I'm considering buying another box to bump them up to 6 and my two blade squads to 7.

The real showcase of this little project, however, is the standard wraithguard unit made up of a mixture of new plastic and classic metal models.

I'm really quite pleased (or as they say in Australia quite chuffed) with the final product. The hip guards as shoulder pads really blended the unit quite well, and changing the gun barrels helps sell the look as well.

I intend to spend a bit more time dressing  up their bases like I do with my other units, but in the mean time I'm happy enough to play them on the tabletop.

For all the folks that think me ridiculous for playing the unit as 10... I make this choice with years of experience under my belt and I'm anticipating the unit can continue to impress as they take to the field of battle at full strength once again.

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