Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Yncarne

It took me about a week, but I finished the Yncarne (pictured next to the FW Avatar of Khaine for size comparison):

I have real respect for the people that could put the whole model together and paint it as one piece.  I simply couldn't I found there were too many details hidden in the parallel pieces that were too close together for me to either 1) get my brush in there or 2) not ruin another part of the model.  I had to keep in in five pieces.  The left and right parts of the lower part of the soulstream.  The add on section of soul stream at that goes high, the head with top part of the hair, and the body.

I actually quite disliked the model when it was all grey.  It looked far too busy and seemed to lack definition to me.  That said, the fully painted version of the model feels far more elegant.  There is a lot of detail, but it doesn't feel overwhelming.

It doesn't have the pure centrepiece size one might expect, but it with the vibrant colours it should still stick out on the tabletop.  More pics below:

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