Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ynnari Gaming Cards

Over the last few years I've found the cards that Games Workshop released very helpful for actual gaming, and so I was a bit disappointed that Gathering Storm II (Electric Boogaloo) did not have a set of cards released for the Revenant discipline or tactical objective cards.  So I thought I'd make my own, but while I was at it I figured I'd make wargear cards as well to cover the entire range of Aeldari relics/artefacts/enigmas since an Ynnari list can take from either the parent book or the new set.  I find it's good to have something on hand that both I and my opponent can use to reference rules without having to flip through books as often.

Below you can find the file to print out your own copy of the cards.  They are designed to be the back to back on A4 sized paper (slightly different from the US Letter size).  To create a real card feel I'd suggest using 200gsm paper or thicker.  The corners are designed like the 6th edition psychic cards and I left the tactical cards square so that the corners can be left square or rounded as per the wish of the person doing the cutting.

Download: Ynnari Cards

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