Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Refreshing an Old Unit

I've been trying to ride my wave of productivity and get cracking on re-doin the first Dire Avenger squad to something more commonly related to the classic DA shrine colors. Once the unit is done I'll post a before and after shot of the unit, but I do have a single model comparison of one model before and one after the touch-up process:

In my standard approach I painted the Exarch first and he's here:

I was really happy with the revised version of him. While I love the idea of the spear, the only time I actually charged with the unit was at Wraithguard, which prettyade the bonus strength meaningless. I normally like the unit absorbing a charge and benefitting from overwatch and counter assault. In addition the blade of the spear snapped off in transit, so I used a spare axe head from a Wraithblade kit along with the butt of the handle to create a conversion that I think blends pretty well.

I've also got some close ups of the helmet, his Ulthwe and shrine banner and base:

I'm excited to get this unit done so I can try out the dual large Avenger squads on foot.

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