Monday, June 2, 2014

Unit Completed

It may not seem that important, that I painted a second Dire Avenger squad, but I should give a little history.

Back in 4th edition I ordered two boxes of the new Dire Avengers, and had a huge painting backlog. I made a deal with myself, whichever unit performed better would get painted. The other unit earned it. Then I instituted the 'no more than once' rule for unpaired models. Now it's the 'not unless painted' rule. With other, newer, shinier units the second squad languished... Until now.

I'm quite pleased with them. I should note, originally this exarch had dual catapults, but when the new dex dropped I was no longer enthused about the prospect, and found my go-to build is a power weapon an Shimmer Shield because it allows me to field the unit on foot, no transport needed.

I wanted something unique for the Exarch, so he got a power maul, which I refer to as the 'beat stick' and I think captures the feel of a batter winding up.

Tuithador, Exarch of the Unblemished Fury Shrine has Finally awoken.  Once again you can see the standard Ulthwe elements I've repeated throughout the shrines.

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