Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wraithknight 2 WIP

This last weekend I set out to film a battle report for the blog. I faced off against Ultramarines in a tight 9-6 game that was the first time I faced off against an Imperial Knight. Unfortunately the battery in the camera dropped dead half way through the second turn, so no video report. I will say this though, my opponent played extremely well, and what should probably have been a narrow loss for me turned into a narrow victory due to one lucky round of rolling by me. His tooled up Grav Centurion unit absolutely lit up my Wraithknight, and since I was trying out an Iyanden list he was also my warlord.

By virtue of a reroll on the warlord trait table he had FNP. After the Centurions levied 14 wounds against me I rolled 7 scatter shield saves followed by 5 FNP saves. Despite this demoralizing moment he continued to play for the win and kept me on my toes, especially with the knight, which did a fair job of collapsing one of my flanks pretty much unsupported.

After the game I bought a second Wraithknight to bolster my Ulthwe forces, but I don't know that I'd run the two together outside of an apocalypse game because I feel just a single one dominates the game too frequently against some forces.

This one is a pure stock build and I've set the arms in a pose that I felt looked dynamic, almost as if it had a silhouette for wings. I'm not super happy with the angle of the pic, but I'll try get some better shots after the GS dries.

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