Wednesday, January 29, 2014


One of the things I've liked about the Eldar backstory is that their society doesn't see a difference between men and women in the roles that they fulfill.  Yet females have been woefully under represented in the model range, especially since there are no Female sculpts among the Autarch, Farseer or Warlock models.  In a lot of cases this means modelers attempt to rectify this disparity, often with varying degrees of success, by using Green Stuff.

I, however, was lucky enough to have a spare Banshee model (the 3rd edition anime style, which I don't mind so much as some other folks) to craft an Autarch with Shard of Anaris thanks to some spare bits I had kicking around. Here she is as a work in progress state before I added in the last bits of green stuff to blend the model together:

here it is completed and painted:

I've tested this model a couple times and haven't yet gotten into combat, but the Fearless boost from the Shard of Anaris has been excellent.  I know that normally Eldar don't have shields that act as forcefields, but in this case I felt like it really fit the warrior aesthetic.  In fact I liked the look so much I considered adding them to all my Autarchs, but in the end only added it to the Jetbike Autarch, which I'm still redoing.  I went with the Avenger Catapult simply because I like the price, and I think it adds a lot to a unit of Dire Avengers on foot.  I think there are other cases where the Fusion Gun would add more and already have it modeled on appropriately.

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