Thursday, January 30, 2014

War Panoply Complete

I have finished the sprites for all the units (shown in Ulthwe and Iyanden colors).  While I didn't do all the weapon options for the Hornet like I did for the others, I'm ok with that.  I think in most circumstances people would go dual pulse laser anyway.

Ultimately I've created options and really that was about the main goal.  The above shot shows all the units in two different schemes and shows variations for some of them (weapon types on the vampire, lynx, etc).  If someone were intent on recreating a game of Epic this force is ready to go, or for 40k, in which case there are some extras.

To be completely honest it always surprised me that Forge World didn't release a Storm Serpent or Void Spinner.  They seem like pretty low-hanging fruit and real no-brainer conversions with the chassis available fromt the Cobra and Scorpion.


  1. This is a real game in progress.

    1. Well, it's not a game I was actively playing, but it is all the sprites in most of their variations on an actual 6 x 4 board and the photo is snapped with the Vassal camera, I just cropped out the grey area with all the templates, so I suppose I'd call it "in game footage." Adding them to the game was the only way I knew to test and adjust the size of the sprites.

      For instance, the Nightwing, Phoenix, Hemlock and Nightshade are all the same length, tail to nose for the actual models, so I could adjust the dimensions of the completed sprites based on the pre-existing sprites for those models.

  2. where can I get these sprites?

  3. Hey Matt, if you go to the site for my books ( at the bottom of the page is a contact link and that e-mail will get to me. I'll e-mail them if you request it.

    I've forwarded them to the guys that maintain vassal40k, but I don't know if or when They'll be added.