Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Double Post!!!

Whilst setting up the site I forgot to mention my most recent progress:

Occasionally I'll write a classic style Battle Report using the Vassal40k system, but I've found many of the sprites, especially for Eldar, are pretty lacking.  So I've been working on tweaking a few of them.

As you can see I've replaced the Nightwing and Phoenix Bomber sprites, making them much more accurate for scale.  I've also added a Phantom Titan sized appropriately (the above pic is a "6x4 board") and even managed to give it every weapon option (I magnetized my titan and kept swapping the parts so it's all in there).

It was a very frustrating process trying to make sprites that swap parts, but the flyers were easy.  Though only Ulthwe is shown, I also made altered colors for Iyanden, Biel Tan and Saim Hann.  For whatever reason Vassal doesn't include Alaitoc items, so I just skipped them.  I even made multiples of the Phantom for those Craftworlds as well.  Soon enough I'll work on some of the other Super Heavies and other units and then submit them so other people can use them as well (and it is really amusing to me that if they get adopted into the program people all over the world could be playing with my models!

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