Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Progress

My luck with getting a game in has been poor lately.  I've tried two games against a local Tau player, but we've been timed out in turns 2 and 3 respectively in very close games.  It's rather frustrating, but in some ways it's a nice way to get intimate knowledge of what Farsight Enclaves can do without giving up my end game, when Tau tend to start to thin down if you've survived their committed firepower. Facing T5 4++ command squads is very frustrating though, especially in smaller games.  Also, being forced to face them down on a 4x4 board (the one that's been available) makes things that much tougher since you're essentially always in range of everything and your only hope is to use LOS to the best of your ability.

In other news I've been progressing well with sprite creation completing Revenant Titans (Due to the colors on the models I went with two pose variations, one for Saim Hann and Iyanden, and the other for Ulthwe and Biel Tan.  I made them capable of swapping between Pulsars and Sonic Lances, added in the Warp Hunter and Vampire, with the Hunter or Raider variations available.  I still have to give it the center line option, because I forgot about it until right now, but I'll get around to it -strike that, I've already added that center line pulsar option-.

In the mean time... a pic because it happened:

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